Morning Verse

I look into the world

In which the sun is shining

In which the stars are sparkling

Where stones in stillness lie

Where living plants are growing

Where animals live in feeling

Where Man, within his soul gives dwelling to the spirit.

I look into the soul that lives within my being.

The world creator weaves in sunlight and in soul-light.

To Thee, Creator Spirit, I turn my heart to ask

That blessing and pure strength

For learning and for work

May ever grow within me.

(Waldorf School morning verse as given by R.Steiner, 1924

This was first given to me at the age of 17.  Children in Waldorf schools all are led in saying this verse before class from 5th grade on. )

2 thoughts on “Morning Verse

  1. Mark Jackson

    Back in the early 70s, at Green Meadow Waldorf School, we said it like this:

    I look into the world
    In which the sun is shining
    In which the stars are sparkling
    In which the stones are lying
    The living plants are growing
    The beasts in feeling live
    Man to the Spirit gives
    A dwelling in his soul
    I look into my soul
    That lives within myself
    The spirit of God does weave
    In light of sun and soul
    In widths of world without
    In depths of souls within
    To thee, o Spirit of God
    I now do turn my heart
    To ask that strength and blessing
    For learning and for working
    In me may live and grow

    1. Landscaping the Sacred Post author

      As this has become part of you, it is probably best if you continue to recite it this way. I have heard this version, and I think it has a better English cadence. Thank you! I went to Garden City Waldorf School starting in 1958


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