Meditative exercises, verses and prayers

These verses are inspired words translated for the English reader. Most are from the German works of Rudolf Steiner.  Inspiration always transcribes better in the original language of the writer. But a devoted meditant who knows both languages well, can write an inspired translation. These, I believe are all inspired translations. Where I can, I will include original language. Once the intellectual content has been mastered in English, it is always best to learn the original language. Even in the sounds and sequence of consonants and vowels, the original language speaks to our soul far more than intellectual content. Meditation is far more than can be grasped through the intellect.

These verses are posted in the order I heard of them. I do not suggest that anyone should work with them in this sequence. But in retrospect, I see that it has been perfect for me.

Prayer at Mealtime. Child’s prayer of gratitude.

Morning Verse  A child’s prayer to begin the school day.

Subsidiary Exercises.  Self-engendered habits of the meditant’s soul.

Quiet  Verse for stilling invading thoughts and concerns.

Main meditative Verse: Morning.

Main meditative Verse: Evening.


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