The Gates of the Soul

Rock Folds8:52 AM
An undistracted meditation this morning.  It is probably a mixed blessing that I don’t hear well. On one hand, I am not disturbed by physical sounds in my meditative work. On the other hand, it makes it all the more important that I learn to set the boundaries of my soul against the onslaught of the physical world.
How fortunate we are to have eyelids!  Without them, meditation would be like learning to swim in a maelstrom! The ‘lids’ of the ears are the first soul organs that a meditant has to develop to shut out the distractions of the outside world. Unlike eyelids, which are a gift of inheritance, a good fortune, the ‘lids’ of the ears only grow through my repetitious effort. It is like practicing a musical instrument; My skill soon ebbs if I don’t practice, and then keep on practicing.
But try to close my ears with my eyes open!? With the eyes open for the world to stream in, all the senses are as if on the edge of their seats, waiting for the next alert, the next sensation. The eyes are the gateways of the world. Emerson remarked that for a man to be with himself, alone, it is necessary for him to retreat even from the privacy of his chamber. That starts with using the gift of inheritance; by closing the gates of the eyes. The rest of the work is based upon the strength of my intention, the sustaining strength of my central being. “From whence cometh my strength?” is the question that arises immediately. Reverently.

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