I’m Drawn


I am drawn to this ocean of all-encompassing space

that pounds like ceaseless surf on the shores of my senses.

Insistent. Exhausting. Full of questions.

Never enough.

It has formed me for millennia,

I have to wrench my Self from its undertow.

For I am equally drawn by the intimate, misty highland

that whispers answers with the silence of thought.

Immediate, profound, underlying all,

Dark. Ardent. Glowing with the power of being.

Generous; the source of abundance;

 Ever enough.


No sooner does it arise before my Mind,

then longing fills my Heart, and my Will is set striving

against the curling tide, the draw of natural inclinations;

 Striving to climb ashore and find my Self

on the firm footing of its boundless bedrock.


Please Leave Your Thoughts, Words, Wisdom.

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