Starlight Anyway

The dawn colors didn’t last long. In fact the sun ‘rose white behind a silver sky as the lingering streaks of pink fled westward over the far horizon. High tide would be another hour away. But the water had already risen to the very upper edge of the beach. The new moon, invisible and in league with all the fading planets, pulled hard against the gracious sun. They exerted the long arms of their levity on the water too, and on the loft of the clouds.

All were now rising…And setting the mood of the day.

The newer the moon, the darker the night, it seemed. But night this time, had been more than dark. It had been vacant. Starless. Had there been stars through the overcast, there would have been planets, visibly clustered on the great arc that the sun traces daily; all the local universe in one section of the sky. And yet the day would be none the brighter for their concerted glow, their borrowed brilliance. Still, they had dawned; one after the other throughout the night until all were in the sky together. Daylight had not changed that by more than a few finite degrees. It had only brought to light the sole source of their shine; the part of that gracious gift they could not receive, but only return, unused.

That day was as silver as starlight against starlight. How else could it be? It was all starlight anyway.


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