Not Yet Old

imageNot Yet Old

Not so young anymore.
Full of itself, Youth
had the freshness of exuberant folly.

But not yet old enough to escape the gravity.
Age will eventually etch its lines
of more settled resignation.

Still young enough to have dreams.
To feel the passion of the experience;
to gladly offer up the effort
for the achievement.

Yet old enough to know
that dreams take time and courage.
And courage suffers its lonely share
of silence:
A reluctant silence born of knowing
that not everything needs to be said;
Not everyone needs to understand.

Life does need to be lived
unflinchingly awake
in the suddenness of its arrival.
Life itself gives the lesson.
I hear its words more acutely
when their other listeners arise.

Old enough to hear that listening itself
is the greater gift,
the wiser way.

2 thoughts on “Not Yet Old

  1. Christine Catapano Kelly

    Every time I read one of your blog entries, I feel as though it is reading me.
    I look forward to the weekly emails that alert me to new entries, because your insights and perceptions resonate with whatever state I am in that morning. I imagine this is likely because we are both in that “not yet old” place but aware of its imminence; because we share that Waldorf background from which one cannot help but derive a spiritual orientation that is always open, seeking and filled with wonder. Thank you for sharing your poetry, ponderings and insights, Tom. I am quietly pondering the creation of a blog, wondering if I could adequately fill it with equally valuable material for others.

    1. Landscaping the Sacred Post author

      Thank you for commenting! I have gone through phases in writing this blog. Some tried to explain my way of thinking. Some just revel in the sounds of the words themselves and savor the syllables, so to speak. A blog is for you to take your own writing and let it breathe. If it is written only for others to read, it may never reach anyone. People read what they find genuine. Write your truth for yourself to read. Offer it genuinely, and let it go.
      By all means, start a blog! Don’t worry whether it is worth reading. Write as if it is worth writing. Readers will arise!


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