1: The Toe Hold

A serious series of personal posts on inner work.

Meditation Notes


Dreaming follows its own seamless fluidity, filling my soul with a rich tapestry of images that take their unpredictable course without my prompting. The equally seamless world around my waking senses is reflected in mental images that form the solid basis of my understanding of the world. It would seem, initially, that there is no chink in this edifice where I can have a soul life that is completely under my own power. And yet, I feel the insistent inner stirring that move me toward self-mastery. For that, I need a place where ‘I’ Am! Where I am independent of the dominance of worldly images.

My restless stirrings have led me to examine the transition between the last moments of sleep and moment I first open my eyes. Presence of mind in those moments, reveals an unnoticed door, a notch in the continuity, where I can find my…

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