My Morning Refuge

Meditation Notes

On a daily basis, I wake up to face the world. Typically, before I even open my eyes, I am beset from inside by thoughts and images that jostle to claim my attention. To dispel these squabbling voices, all I would have to do is to open my eyes and let the wise order of the natural world displace the chaos of my mind. But, in its very elegance, that natural order would command my attention even more undeniably. Both my inner and outer worlds, and their interweaving, are sources of distraction. In retrospect, succumbing to either has always left scars of wear and tear on my soul. Scars that sleep alone cannot heal.

When I awaken, I seek a moment or two of refuge from these dual onslaughts, a deeper place where I can feel strong within myself and not be subjected to the barrage of my work-a-day world…

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