Water notes

The solo dance that nature expresses without us is wise, poetic and epic, but these elements would go unnoticed unless you and I came along with our human capacity to appreciate them. This is what we have to offer as dance partners; selfless appreciation in all its forms; Studied observation, aesthetic recognition and devoted action. The paradox lies in that this kind of selfless absorption in the essence of nature is only made possible through a gradual dawning of the sense of our own being, our own self. “The world around us is filled everywhere with the glory of God, but we have to experience the divine in our own souls before we can find it in our surroundings.” (Rudolph Steiner)

Landscaping the Sacred

A root had somehow, found its way through the stone walls of the well. Someone had cut it off about as far down the wall as I could reach. Of course, I had to reach.

What stopped me was not the caution that may have turned a more sensible fellow. As I leaned, a drop of water fell from the tip of the root and I watched it fall the full six feet to the shining pool below. “Doik!” reverberated startlingly loudly up the walls, as my haloed silhouette darkened into a series of rings. Mesmerized by the effect, I waited silently for the next drop. My shimmering, sky-encircled reflection so far below, gradually re-emerged. I took my eyes off the drop gathering gravity on the root, distracted momentarily by my own re-forming image. “Doik!” I missed it! … Not next time! I was not going to miss the next…

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