The New Year

My lapse in writing has grown out of an increasing hesitancy to post what is most profoundly foremost on my mind. This, coupled with the lack of time and the distraction of a worldly career in the very physical world of landscaping, has contributed to my not writing anything much at all.

Another thing is the fact that I have not been satisfied at all with the tone of my summer posts. I almost don’t want to draw attention to them. As truthful as I attempted to be in relating my experiences, I see, in retrospect that they were actually inner experiences depicted more as objective occurrences than I portrayed them to be. As such they come back to me when I re-read them as a bit dishonest. For this I am deeply sorry, and promise to be more genuine hence forward.

I feel strongly that am not deep enough in my soul to have experiences that should be veiled for the public. Privacy is not an issue, as I feel that an intimate exposure of any soul fosters love, if the listener has enough patience. In these writings, I will simply say what is foremost on my mind. I do have to remind myself that I write, not for your approval, but to share a human experience with anyone who might feel a soul resonance. I am constantly reminded of the sacred nature of the world outside and inside us, and I am immensely grateful that others have fostered this mood of soul in me by sharing their experiences and understanding. If I could foster this mood of soul in you in any way, my purpose for writing would have been accomplished.

 Writing is new for me, and I am not used to the finality of putting something in print. Nature, (and the nature of understanding it), is almost too dynamic for print or pictures. I would much prefer to have you by my side as I discover and can point out the ways that the spiritual world peeks through, or blatantly announces its creative genius in the world around us. But that, for the most part is not practical. My current life is not constituted to organize formal sharings more directly or broadly. Writing and the occasional picture will have to do for now.

2 thoughts on “The New Year

    1. Landscaping the Sacred Post author

      Lisa, Thank you for the encouragement. I find writing second only to showing people personally. If you can find the time, please explore the whole website. It has a lot of hidden elements to explore, like nature herself. Tom


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