Creating a sacred space: A sacred light in the garden.

A garden fits into a larger landscape. Some element in the garden gives you a hint that the garden belongs in the context of the entirety. Either it is a color, borrowed from the surroundings, or a particular plant or feature that is found throughout the local environment.

For example, a natural landscape where rock outcrops are evident or stonewalls are present, calls for similar landscape rocks in its gardens. On some rocky soils, this call is all too easy to oblige. Here, less is more. The ideal, is to feature just the right amount of representative stonework in the garden.

I listen carefully to what my intuition tells me about balance. A garden, after all, is what we create out of the elements of nature. Nature is the gardener’s palate. In creating a garden, we set the stamp of our knowledge, care and active artistry on Nature. These are spiritual qualities. Although we can occasionally discern the stamp of a greater spirit in the workings of nature at large, we try to bring these attributes into full consciousness in a sacred garden. This is what we are doing here.

Intuition is the quiet whisperer that brings the spirit to mind. If we are attentive, it always urges balance. When we get it ‘right’, something shines through which awakens intuition in the people who visit the garden. This shining helps them gradually (or suddenly,) experience understanding, caring or art in their own souls. This is where the sacred in the garden meets the sacred in the soul and, for the attentive visitor, this becomes a sacred place too.

I like to say that the spirit is in the details, to resurrect an outworn phrase. As with the garden, these details of the spirit are always nested in the context of the entire universe.

Please Leave Your Thoughts, Words, Wisdom.

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