Inner work and outer work of stewardship

The importance of inner work cannot be over emphasized in mastering the art of stewardship.
The peace of a scene or a space is dependent upon the attitude we bring with us. The entrance to a sacred landscape will help engender the feeling of serenity by how it is designed. The space itself will hold the attitude if it is not rudely open to the distractions of daily life or of work that has not become sacred itself. Eventually, the work to maintain the landscape will be the meditation necessary to create the sacredness of both the outer and inner space.
If we imagine the space filled with the spiritual beings that dwell there, this imagination will come back to us as a recollection each time we enter it. But recollection is not enough. Recollected images are there to remind of our imagination. Bringing more and more vitality to the imagination will eventually transform into real vision.
“I will believe it when I see it.” is the doubter’s creed. “I will see it when I believe it with all the power of my imagination.” is the leading thought of the seeker. “Faith is the evidence of things unseen.” The unseen become visible with correct imagination.
Of course, it is possible to fantasize; to create imaginations of things that don’t exist outside our minds. That is why it is important to have teachers who have opened their inner soul to the mysteries that lie a bit beyond our view. Their vision can school our imagination so that we will keep on the right track as we develop our own. At some point the imagination becomes informed by glimpses of understanding. We can open ourselves in this way to a fuller view of the world than we have through our physical senses.

This same thing is always happening as we learn about the physical world around us. But, the difference is that the physical world of our experience is laid out naturally to our senses as a gift of our evolutionary past. We see, we touch and the images are immediately in our minds without any effort of our own. But to gain an understanding of what we see takes thinking and processing, and learning from those who have come to an understanding before us. The gift of wonder takes us from seeing to understanding. At some point in our journey, greater understanding comes with every new experience; anything we see sheds the light of understanding on everything else we see. “A word to the wise” is sufficient to bring a greater depth of wisdom to the soul. “To the rich shall be given..”
Our outer path to understanding and our inner path to understanding merge as wisdom enriches our soul.

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