About the Sacred

I am inclined, for many reasons, to believe that we are surrounded by sacredness. The apparently mundane is none the less an expression, a manifestation of the unimaginably lofty. Everything speaks of its spiritual origin. It is up to each of us to cultivate an ear for its language and develop an eye for its artistry. We only earn by inner efforts, whatever sacred space we call our own.
Among other callings, I am a landscaper by trade. I work with nature and have spent the greatest part of my six decades of waking life under the open sky. Landscaping, it turns out, is as much about working toward the sacred in the soul, as it is about working with the sacred in nature. It is my life, and goes well beyond my profession. Through my writing, I would like to show you the inner and outer landscapes that I get to see and work on every day of my life. These little articles are explorations of Nature and Human Nature.
For me, feeling connected, feeling involved in the work of the natural world, is one of life’s greatest joys. As I recall times and places where I have felt filled with the presence of something beyond me, I invariably notice that something first happens inside me, before I see it coming to me as a blessing from outside. So I have also learned to look inward. What I find is often very much the same wellspring of blessing. My writings hopefully reflect this journey from outer Nature to inner Nature and back.
Please come and explore what I have had the privilege to see! If you are wondering where to look first? Start by reading my “Recent Writings”.

In Discovering the Sacred in the Natural World, my casual caring curiosity finds more than meets the eye, and the simplest of appearances leads to unexpectedly personal realizations. In Leviathan, close encounters with several Humpbacks on the same day open our eyes and ears and sympathies all at once. Or explore the highlighted links and follow the blog through ever newer landscapes. The Sacred is right here! It is the central theme of life. It is all a matter of where we are, and whether we let the things around and within speak their own native language. The gates of the soul are not only through the senses. Chances are this is a language you already know very well. Children know it. We can relearn it with patience and the cultivation of a conscious inner life . But we have to learn about quieting the chaos that confronts us from inside and outside and distracts us from the sacred that we could experience if we didn’t keep getting in our own way. There’s always going to be more to explore! But there is already a great deal here to discover. Please join me! (I have learned a bit about improving the website: Landscaping The Sacred, and have made it much more accessible than a mere blog. It is now possible to see a drop-down menu of posts in alphabetical order by hovering your cursor over the heading, ‘Index‘ and clicking on any one of the list. By clicking ‘Recent Writings‘ itself, a chronological page of posts will come up with my most recent ones on top. Posts from my “Meditation Journal” are listed separately under that heading. I have updated most of the headings with new text and am continuing to learn and organize and add new material all the time.)

8 thoughts on “About the Sacred

  1. Eleanor Winship

    Good to read, Tom. Just looked at my old Waldorf yearbook yesterday and wondered how you are doing and then saw your new journal- – somewhat of an answer. Eleanor

  2. Penelope Grover

    Thanks, Tom. Nice to read such thoughtful response to your experiences. Inspiring, actually.

    1. Landscaping the Sacred Post author

      Hi Penny,
      Thank you for reading these little pieces. I am so glad to finally get to write these things down and share them. My worldly work is not conducive to conversations that lead in these directions. My mind is. I hope these writings continue to inspire.

  3. Kim Rohm

    I became aware of your blog through Alexander’s post on Facebook. You taught me so much when I was your employee at Meadowbrook. In fact so much that I am still inspired to get my hands dirty. At my son’s public elementary school we have a school/community organic garden of which I was a founding member. Can you imagine – me????
    So though it has been many years, the effects of our friendship of long ago continues in my life.
    With much affection,
    Kim (Baker) Rohm

    1. Landscaping the Sacred Post author

      Hi Kim. Thank you for the kind words. I can imagine you liking gardening. Perhaps it helps you think of times in your life that were particularly enjoyable. The children will always remember you. Thank you for being there for them. and thank your mom too. Keep in touch.

    1. Landscaping the Sacred Post author

      Hi Indrajit. This comment and a few others found their way into my blog. Thank you, if they were intended as comments on my writings! But, could they have been meant for Donna Mitchell-Moniac? If so, they might not have reached their intended audience. Landscaping the Sacred is a collection of my musings and writings and meditations. I am Thomas Fortier, and I welcome you to read on!


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